Monday, July 18, 2016

Can We Trust The Bible? Part 1 of 6 "Eyewitnesses"

YES---I WILL begin our series on LOVE... tomorrow :-)   But on the next 6 weeks, I will be releasing one video per week dealing with the question, "Can We Trust The Bible?"  You can watch all of them (once the series is complete) at my PastorBradRocks YouTube channel!  Enjoy & be blessed!

The Bible is a really BIG deal for followers of Christ. It’s God inspired Word to us; the revelation of who He is and His plan and purpose for creation and for our lives----that’s pretty big stuff! So, it follows that we place a lot of TRUST in this book. If you have a relationship with Christ, you don’t need a video or a blog to “prove” the trustworthiness of Scripture to you because God speaks to you through it all the time. But if you are not a follower of Christ (or honestly even if you are) it’s a good thing to be reminded of WHY we can trust the Bible – not just on a “spiritual” level---but also on a scholarly and historical level as well!

In this series of videos I will talk about six questions that historians and scholars ask of ancient texts (not just scripture) to determine whether they are accurate and reliable.. I think you’ll be encouraged by how well the Bible stacks up in each of these six areas. In this first video I explore the question, “Does the Bible contain eye-witness accounts?” Eye-witness accounts are a HUGE deal to historians!

Thanks for reading/watching!  Remember to share!