Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Can We Trust The Bible? Part 2 "Copies"

We'll get back into our LOVE series tomorrow.  But today I wanted to share my second installment in a teaching series I'm doing on YouTube called, "Can We Trust The Bible?"

Confidence in Scripture is PARAMOUNT for Christ-followers.  Our entire world-view hinges on it.  The gospel, the resurrection, the ten commandments, "Love one another..."  "Love your neighbor..."  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..."  And on and on we could go---ALL comes from Scripture.  If we can't TRUST the Bible---we're in deep trouble.

So, can we?

That is what this YouTube SERIES (on my channel Pastor Brad Rocks) is all about!
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In Part 2 (Today's teaching) we'll answer the questions:
CLICK HERE to watch Part 1 "Eyewitnesses"

  • Do we have the original documents of the Bible?
  • Why do copies of the Bible--created by people hundreds of years ago--matter?
  • Can we really trust copies?  Didn't they make errors and change things?
  • And a lot more!
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