Friday, July 22, 2016

LOVE doesn't boast

We don’t have to dig very deep to figure out what this attribute of AGAPE is all about. The Greek word here means the same thing as the English word—“to brag.” Stated a little more bluntly, AGAPE isn’t stuck on itself. 

AGAPE fully understands that it’s not the center of the universe—and for the Christ-follower, we would add that AGAPE knows EXACTLY WHO IS the center of all things---GOD. 

If you look at this statement from a slightly different angle, Paul is saying, AGAPE is humble and meek. Please never confuse humility and meekness for weakness. Jesus exercised humility and meekness when he CHOSE to leave glory in Heaven, be born into this broken world in a body of flesh and endure all of the hatred and torchure this world would throw at Him---FOR YOU AND ME. Would you call that weakness? I would not, but THAT IS the epitome of humility—choosing to take the role of the servant for the greater good.  

When Paul says, “AGAPE doesn’t boast,” he is saying, AGAPE is happy to take the backseat, or the role of the servant FOR THE SAKE OF THE KINGDOM.  

AGAPE is always driven by mission. 

It’s all about what will exalt the Father and the Gospel and grow the Kingdom. Selfish boasting does nothing for the Gospel—so AGAPE want’s nothing to do with it. Selfish boasting puffs up self over God—and in so doing dishonors and displeases God, so AGAPE want’s nothing to do with it. 

In Christ we power and privilege beyond anything this world can imagine. But in God’s Kingdom, that privilege (to be sons and daughters of God through faith in Christ) and power (God’s very presence living within us) is not FOR selfish gain. It’s FOR others and for the Kingdom.  We are "saved" to "serve."  We are redeemed and endowed with grace and holy-spirit power that we might spread truth, life and blessing wherever we go—all to the glory of God. 

AGAPE does not brag, it serves. It doesn’t puff itself up, it lifts others up. It doesn’t promote it’s own agenda, it promotes God’s Kingdom agenda.

It is in this sense that Paul says, “AGAPE doesn’t boast.”

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