Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LOVE is kind

Last time we looked at what Paul meant when he said, "AGAPE is patient."  Today, we'll dig into what it means to say, "AGAPE is kind..."

Paul says "AGAPE is chrestotes."  Chrestotes is the Greek word we translate “kind” in 1 Cor. 13:4.   When we read or hear that "Love is kind,"  we all instantly have a vague sense of what that means, but let’s dig a little bit into the Greek today and see how accurate our notions are.

Once again I’m going to my well of reference tools. Today, in addition to my trusty BibleStudyTools.Com reference, I actually went old-school and pulled a couple BOOKS off my shelf!  Remember books---those things we used to open and read with words printed on paper?

The Expositor's Bible Commentary (Amazon link at bottom of page)
& The Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

So, how does the Bible define “kindness”? 

“It (kindness) is manifest in what is called ‘common grace.’ God is kind to all he has made (Psalm 145:9), even when his creatures are ungrateful and wicked (Luke 6:35 ; cf. Matt 5:45). His kindness is intended to lead to repentance, not to rejection of him (Rom 2:4).

“Chrestotes (Greek) is the divine kindness out of which God acts toward men. It is what the Old Testament meant when it declared that God is ‘good.’… The Christian is to show kindness by behaving toward others as God has behaved toward him.” 

Kindness is a loyal love that perseveres in maintaining relationship. 

Kindness is focused on blessing others. Its ultimate goal is leading others to a place of wholeness. It does not wink at sin or ignore wrong-doing, but in its actions it always strives to communicate genuine care for others and it always leaves the door open for restoration, reconciliation and relationship. 

This is how God treats us and how He expects us to treat others. It is in this sense that Paul says, “Love is kind.”

Pause and ponder how God has extended kindness to you and express your gratitude to Him for it. Then, go extend that same kindness to others today!

Below you will see a link to The Expositors Bible Commentary.  This is an EXCELLENT, very readable Bible study tool.  If you're hungry to dig deep, I encourage you to check it out!

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