Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sweet Trust in Bitter Times

Knowing God is an awesome thing.   I want to make sure you hear me correctly on this... I'm not talking about knowing ABOUT God... I talking about knowing Him.  There's something mindblowingly awesome, indeed, indescribable about the peace that grows up within the heart of a person who walks with God--for a long time... through multiple seasons of life... through good times and bad...

Of course----even the most devout Christ-followers stumbles and gets angry... and shouts at God sometimes, saying, "I"m hurting... I don't understand... I need you so desperately God..."  But for the one who is ALL IN with God---even those times are not moments of "rebellion" ... it's not like you're running out on God or choosing to not follow or trust... you're just hurting and so your bringing your hurts to THE VERY ONE WHO INVITES YOU to do so!

1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

"Cast" means throw, hurl, dump... and it implies "leaving whatever you cast--behind you."  I.e. don't keep carrying it. Leave it with God.  God INVITES you dump on Him and move on in His grace.  It actually brings Him glory when you do this--when you trust Him like this... how awesome is this verse?!?

We have an awesome Heavenly Father.  He has immeasurably broad shoulders.  He can handle our struggles... His grace is abundantly sufficient.

I'm so glad!  Aren't you?

Whatever you're facing today---let me encourage you not to run away from God, or to think for a moment that He doesn't care about you... HE CARES so much... look at the cross... nothing says "I CARE" more that what Jesus did for you my friend.  So run to Him... pour out your heart... if you need wisdom, ask for it... if you need mercy/grace ask for it... and then trust and obey--for like the old song says, "...there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey."

Hope this encouraged you.  Remember to share!  And if you are looking for an awesome daily resource for quiet time with Jesus---definitely check out Streams In The Desert (below my signature).