Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What Happens After I Say "I Do?"

Connect with Pastor Brad Windlan at http://www.guitarjams.net Marriage, when healthy, is beautiful. Christian marriage; God’s plan for marriage is one man, committing to one woman in a covenant of love and commitment, for life. It’s a living symbol of Christ and His Bride—the Church. It’s the foundation for the home, the basis for society and for the kingdom. This message by Pastor Brad Windlan will provide you with helpful counseling, quotes and enrichment. The Bible is so clear on marriage. This teaching will help you understand what the wedding vows are all about; what covenant relationship as a Christian husband or wife is all about. Pastor Brad Windlan has been teaching God’s Word Passionately since the mid-nineties. If you are hungry for practical, from the heart—Christ-centered preaching—you will be blessed by this sermon.