Hi, I'm Brad. I'm a husband, daddy, musician, youtuber, pastor, author--and a few other things depending on what day of the week you talk to me. But at my core, I'm a Jesus follower. That means I do my best to allow Jesus to be the author and perfecter of everything I do. I'm all about following Jesus step by step and helping others do the same.

In 1987 God saved me from a lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll (a lifestyle that nearly took my life on several occasions). From day one of my new life in Christ, God called me to proclaim His truth and message of salvation through faith in Jesus. He also providentially allowed a brain surgery I underwent six months after recommitting my life to Christ, to take 75% of my vision—leaving me legally blind.

Through it all God has faithfully led, and many times carried, me along His path for my life.

I graduated from Johnson Bible College and was ordained as a pastor in 1995. I have passionately sought His face and taught His Word every day since.

I have a deep desire to help people move past religion and embrace the abundant, life-transforming reality that authentic relationship with Jesus produces.

 I would be honored to share at your next event. I’m open to any topic or theme you choose, or I’m equally happy to create that for you.

Fee: Love offering + travel expenses